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KRAFTON is a South Korean Company which entertain this world with their amazing games. This website was created in 2018 or the parent company for Bluehole, founded by Chang-Byung-gyu in Seoul March 2007, and its subsidiaries. This is a video game website which based in Bundang-gu, Seongnam. This website have rights on many gaming titles including PUBG: battlegrounds, TERA, PUBG battlegrounds new state mobile Moonbreaker. according to Forbes some of these tittle produced itself by

Krafton is continuously pushing their boundaries of gaming for giving us Best performance and better content and embracing new challenges and technologies, expanding our platform and services to captivate an even larger fan base.

Popular Games Of Krafton

There are many exciting and amazing games which are offer by Krafton games to all over the world in many genres.

PUBG battlegrounds

PUBG battlegrounds is a multiplayer game which is globally biggest multiplayer video game genres in the world. PUBG were recognized for its new and complex gameplay. while PUBG corporation looks to expand its sight by expanding their services to all over the world for bringing more experiences to our fans’ daily lives. PUBG is available on many platforms for providing top notch entertainment to all users all over the world. There are currently users of PUBG on pc is more than Thirty million plus users are active users on PUBG and there are 75 millions plus accumulated downloads.

PUBG holds many awards for their amazing content some of those awards are includes World records ‘PUBG holds seven Guinness World Record, including the “Fastest Early Access Game on steam to reach 100 Million Dollar in sales” and there are some awards too which are The Golden Joystick Awards, U.K., The 55th Trade Day, 2018 Korea Content Awards, The Steam Awards 2018, The Game Awards 2017, 2017 Korea Game Awards.

PUBG battlegrounds available on many platform includes Steam, Epic games, Kakao games, Xbox one, PS4, PUBG: Battlegrounds Mobile.

PUBG: New State

This Game is a multiplayer mobile game which performs on global platform. This game serves you realistic and intense gameplay on mobile. Its implement the same quality of realistic action animations and gunplay mechanic as PUBG on pc. Graphic of PUBG: New States is next-gen graphics In this players can get a battle royale experience that rivals PUBG on pc. Players will drop into, TROI, a new and exclusive battleground set in the year 2051. PUBG: New States available on New State Mobile (official website), Google play store and on Apple app store.


TERA (The Exiled Realm Of Arborea) is a Genuine Action Flagship MMORPG Game started a new era in the gerne of MMORPG with the first non-targeting combat system. This is a non-targeting action battle game with seven uniquely attractive races and thirteen classes. In this game you have to tackle with mighty and powerful monsters. TERA is based on fantasy world. This game developed by Bluehole Studio.

This game provides services worldwide, including Korea, Japan, Russia, Europe (Steam), Southeast Asia and in many more countries. This is first console MMORPG game in Korea. This game is available on Official website of TERA, PS4 store, XBOX ONE.


KRAFTON had many studios which provides games on many platforms like Console, Xbox one, PlayStation, Steam, Epic games, and many more. Studios of KRAFTON includes PUBG Studios, Bluehole studios, Rising Wings, Striking Distance Studios, Dreamotion, Unknown Worlds, 5minlab, KRAFTON Montreal Studio, ReLU Games, and Flyway Games.


PUBG Corporation had the aim of producing games that are loved by players all over the world. PUBG Studios have two Popular Games PUBG: Battlegrounds and PUBG: New State.


Bluehole is the leading MMORPG Gerne game production company, Main pursuit of this company is bring entertainment and spur to all over the world. Pace of constant development in the game industry is becoming faster and faster. Bluehole studio have two well known games known as TERA and ELYON-Ascent: Infinite REALM.


Rising Wings is most popular mobile game provider, Dream of Rising Wings is to give charm to many people by playing games. This studio publish games where anyone anywhere in the world can enjoy them. games published by Rising Wings is Defense Derby, Castle Craft: World War, Golf King: World Tour, and Mini Golf King.


Striking Distance Studios is driven by our passion for quality and excellence. This studio is collaborated with Dead space and Call of Duty franchise veteran Glen Schofield, the development team work hard on its first game, The Callisto protocol a single player horror survival game.


Dreamotion create high-quality games better than anyone else with full of entertainment. Main focus of Dreamotion is “fun”. The key to success in the swiftly changing game industry is creating games continuously for surpassing the others. Some well known games of Dreamotion is Road to Valor: World War II, Ronin: The Last Samurai, and Road to valor: Empires.


Unknown Worlds is world wide administrator developer of favourite games across a wide variety of categories and platforms. UW has reached globally recognized for the hybrid multiplayer strategy/ shooter natural selection 2 and underwater adventure survival game Subnautica.


5minlab come up with a satisfying experience and the top level of immersion. To make sure users have an delightful experience, they explore original creations, including incorporating VR and AI into the games. games of 5minlab Toy Clash, Smash Legends, Janghwa Hongryeon: Piece of memory, and Kill the crows.


Krafton Montreal is creating games where gameplay and story perfectly blend together, while forcing the limits of transformation in the gaming industry. Game of Krafton Montreal studio is The Bird That Drinks Tears.


Relu games create games for learning the extraordinary experience and uniting the world of gaming together. They introduced as “online/multiplayer play” as a category by internet. They make the start of “mobile gaming” era. Games of Relu Games is FOONDA: AI puzzle.


Flyway games give new experiences that have never been before for users based on an earnest from game developers who have considerable potentials.

KRAFTON Achieves 3Q23 Sales of £279.8M. This achievement in sales and op is mainly credited to the stable revenue generated across all platforms by PUBG: Battlegrounds.

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