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In Sibay Russian, a coronavirus infected traded on a city market

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Ministry of Health of Bashkortostan

Residents of the city of Sibay and Baymak district, who bought products on March 22 at the meat pavilion number 37, are urgently asked to contact the hot line of the Ministry of Health or the hot line of the Sibay city hospital.

+7 (927) 234-83-80 – a hotline for residents of Sibay and Baymak district.

The head of the Ministry of Health of Bashkortostan, Maxim Zabelin, said that a resident of the Chelyabinsk region had organized trade at the Voskresny market on Sibay, 4. Matrosova Street. It is also known that the seller returned from a foreign trip a week before, but did not leave for the proper two-week isolation. Now with a preliminary diagnosis of coronavirus, he is in the city hospital of Magnitogorsk.

Ministry of Health hotline: +7 (347) 286-58-27, +7 (347) 279-91-20

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