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Free Netflix Premium

What’s up guys in today’s tutorial am giving out Free Netflix Premium and also I’m going to show you how to watch Netflix for absolutely free you don’t need to even pay a single penny and at the end of this video i will also share with you free Netflix, HBO NOW Premium Accounts and SonyLiv Account.

On this look at me right now this is no look what it is it’s Netflix Plus Plus. So what Netflix plus plus? is it’s a tweaked app that allows you to access the netflix database and watch everything it’s like getting a free premium membership but we’re not paying anything you just open the app and enjoy the movies and the series so this this app is currently available on App Store and on Android I’m gonna delete this app and show you the download link and sort this tutorial let’s go guys it doesn’t matter if your iOS or Android visit this link xec slash netflix there should be the download link guys make sure you pause the video and enter it in just follow along it should look like this there we go.

How To Download The Netflix Plus Plus

Netflix Plus Plus this is the download page if you’re an Android user you can click on the first download button the blue one to get the apk file if you’re an iOS user like me click on the second one and it will try to download it to click on allow close it go to your home page go to settings either go to profile downloaded or general and profile now if you’re an Android user just get the apk file and enjoy already if you’re an iOS user like me you got them and solve.

This but once you downloaded the app there’s one more step the final step the most important one so make sure you pay close attention to it so there we go guys we downloaded the app now comes the important stuff because I’ve deleted the app and reinstall that I’ll have to do it again but I’m gonna go through this really quick you open the app give it a couple of seconds to mood I’m gonna go through this pretty quick and pretty simple guys it’s pretty simple and it just needs some common sense okay so this is the app injunction port then if you end up getting confused in it I’m gonna clear it out today so f injection installed on any two hours without to inject that Netflix Plus Plus content on the stuff so basically what they need is for you to download any two apps on run them for 30 seconds apparently these are from App Store something pretty safe you run them for 30 seconds and then restart your phone and the injection the download will start and you’ll get your Netflix and everything I’m not sure why they want us to download it but it’s from the App Store.

So whatever I’m gonna click on the other app probably it’s because they sponsor the apps so you get the sponsors these are sponsored apps who pay for your free premium or for the development of the app apparently but it doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting the free Netflix now I’m gonna speed up the video for the absent insult all right guys that apps are done installing so just like the instruction said and maybe on my app is to run there for 30 seconds so that’s what I’m gonna do but I’m gonna go through this really quick just to save you guys some time and get you already going just to start watching your movies you know with all this quarantine going on everyone wants to watch some movies so you basically run it for 30 seconds make sure you don’t sign up for anything just run it tap around tap around tap around for like 32 one minute 30 seconds is a good then after doing so you exit you go through the other app and you do the exact same thing it’s that simple pretty much download the apps wonder for 30 seconds restart your phone that’s it so you can randomly just crawl around for 30 seconds and after that restart your phone this is very important give it some time we saw your phone after that make sure your Netflix is already going make sure your streaming is good and after that you make sure to delete this of they’re useless you don’t need them anymore and there we go guys we’re done with today’s tutorial comment if you need any help make sure you don’t make sure drop a like and subscribe that’s it for today’s tutorial peace out.

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Free Netflix Premium Video Tutorial

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